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Co-operatives in the South West of England

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Join us for the Big Co-op Clean!

Once a year co-operatives up and down the country come together to show why they are local, loved and trusted.

This year, to mark Co-operatives Fortnight (20th June to 4th July) we’re asking every co-op to do just one thing: take part in the Big Co-op Clean. It could be your staff cleaning up a local park. Your members helping out an elderly neighbour. Or your customers clearing out old clothes for charity.

The Big Co-op Clean. It’s a neat way to demonstrate that when people work together they achieve so much more than they do alone. Click here for details on how to take part.

Directory of Co-operatives and Mutuals

Last year, we produced a comprehensive Directory of Co-operatives in South West UK which lists co-ops and mutuals in each county with their website/contact details, categorised by type of business. Please feel free to download the Directory and/or pass it on to others. 

Co-operatives South West works in partnership with the national organisation Co-operatives UK.Click here to find out how to join us and learn about the benefits of membership

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